Lionbridge minimum hours

Lionbridge has been providing work from home opportunities to individuals around the world for over 20 years. We offer flexible working hours while working from home. Our clients are some of the largest and most exciting companies in the world and they need your help to make their products and services better.

To start the process, simply click on JOIN NOW and provide some basic information to be included in our database to be considered for work; choosing to complete the optional placement evaluations will increase your chances of being offered work. Our program demand varies by location and can ramp quickly, so please be patient if you are not offered work immediately.

To learn more, click on How It Works. We hope you chose to sign up and join the Smart Crowd. Each assignment will include a specific compensation fee with rates visible before beginning work.

If you have any questions, you can email us at servicedesk lionbridge. Forgot Password?

Minimum Daily Hours - Act Part 4, Section 34

Lionbridge enables more than world-leading brands to increase international market share, speed adoption of products and effectively engage their customers in local markets worldwide. Enter the email address which you use to sign in to The Smart Crowd and click 'Submit. We will then send you an email containing a link for you to change your password. Make sure that the email address thesmartcrowdinfo lionbridge. In case you have not received the confirmation email on your email address, click 'Resend.

We will again send you an email containing a link for you to confirm your registration on the below email address. Toggle navigation. Join the Smart Crowd Work from home with Lionbridge!

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LionBridge Hiring Work-at-Home Home Ads Assessor (Part-Time & Flexible hours)

Privacy Policy.Interested to Work at Lionbridge or Appen? These are both typical crowd sourcing companies; this type of business supposes that the main communication is done via email, and raters are responsible for self-education and providing high quality service. Based on my personal experience both companies treat their freelancers well. Although it is true that you can find stories online of freelancers complaining they were fired without cause or notification. Contracts usually run on a 6 month basis and I have had mine renewed for several years now.

If you really want to know what happens then read ahead. Multiple substandard quality scores might lead to non-prolongation or termination of your contract in case of receiving an unacceptable quality score. In most cases a vendor will give you a few chances to improve your quality, but your access to tasks will be restricted.

lionbridge minimum hours

If you want to know what to do if you are restricted for quality read here:. It is prohibited to have multiple accounts with Appen and Lionbridge. These companies can find duplicate accounts very fast, and as a result, you will lose both accounts.

The good news is that you can combine work at Lionbridge and Appen. If you have two or more people in your household, it is advised to get two unique IP addresses, and you can do this for an extra charge with most internet service providers. This issue is very common among new Appen and Lionbridge raters and may lead to termination of your contract.

This mostly happens when new agents show no activity in the first month of their service. In particular this can also happen if new agents enter the project in the second half of month, and for whatever reasons, they did not complete a minimum required number of tasks.

In order to avoid this issue, make sure to show the minimum required activity in the system as per your contract. The reason for this is that your contract states the location in which you would work. If you are rating websites in the USA market, you must reside in that market to give accurate data and results. If you work outside of your contracted location, you are breaking the contract. If you do happen to go abroad, make sure you do not complete any tasks on raterhub otherwise your contract will be terminated.

lionbridge minimum hours

You should not copy and share your comments with other raters, as an automatic system can easily detect duplication, and as a result, your account might be terminated for sharing materials with other raters. View all posts by Tim Allen. I highly doubt they care about resume.

They answered in 2 days. Dear Tim, First of all thanks for this very useful page. I recently started to work for Leapforce — Nile Project.

I have a question regarding point n. I have to work at least 5 days per week as Nile agent and obviously i should keep on working using my mobile also if i go 1 week on holydays in Spain for example, in order to respect the 5days per week policy.

Hello, I think you should consult on this issue with your vendor. As far as I know Appen and Leapforce allow raters to take up to 14 days off within a 6 months period…. Hey, I accidentally completed some tasks about 20 mins working for Appen Atztec Ads while abroad…I know this is not permietted as per contractbut do they really track this and will it inevitably lead to the termination of my contract? Can I do something?We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience of our website.

Please click the button below to accept cookies from this website. SOWs may also be in the form of an email and shall be treated as a written SOW if so transmitted by Lionbridge and agreed to through an email confirmation by Supplier.

If the Supplier is providing translation Services, the Supplier must perform the Services in accordance with the terms set forth in Exhibit A. Supplier agrees not to reveal such confidential information, including but not limited to any medical or health information, to Lionbridge.

In the event Lionbridge knowingly agrees in a signed writing to accept confidential information from Supplier or a third party, Lionbridge agrees to cooperate with Supplier to take reasonable and appropriate measures necessary to keep such information confidential, return such confidential information upon request, and prevent disclosure of such confidential information.

By entering into this Agreement, Supplier consents to the collection, processing and storing of Supplier Information in the United States or a jurisdiction other than where Supplier resides. Access to Supplier Information will be limited to authorized persons. Supplier Information will be collected, processed and stored for business purposes related to the performance of the Services, including payment of fees to Supplier for performance of the Services.

Supplier may exercise any rights conferred on Supplier by any Privacy Law with respect to Supplier Information by submitting a request to data-privacy lionbridge. During the course of performing Services, Supplier may have access to Protected Health Information, Personal Information and Personal Data contained in source documents and files which are the subject of the Services.

In the event this Policy is amended by Lionbridge, Lionbridge agrees to provide written notice to Supplier of any amendments before they become effective. Supplier acknowledges that the provision of the Services may require the processing of Protected Personal Information and Supplier shall be responsible for complying with the obligations under applicable Privacy Laws governing the processing of the Protected Personal Information.

At a minimum, Supplier will implement and maintain a reasonable and appropriate written information security program for the protection of Protected Personal Information, adapted to the nature and sensitivity of the information to be protected and conform to applicable Privacy Laws, including appropriate physical, electronic and procedural safeguards, to i ensure the security and confidentiality of Protected Personal Information, ii protect against any threats or hazards to the security or integrity of Protected Personal Information, and iii prevent unauthorized access to or use of Protected Personal Information.

Supplier agrees that it will promptly disclose to Lionbridge on behalf of Customer Company all such Work Product upon its discovery or invention by Supplier and, in any event, upon the request of Lionbridge. The provisions of this Section 4 shall be enforceable to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law.

How to Work at Lionbridge and Appen For a Long Time and Not Get Fired?

Supplier shall not make use of any Confidential Information disclosed to, produced by or accessed by Supplier in connection with this Agreement for any purpose other than to supply Services.

Supplier acknowledges that this limitation is appropriate due to the sensitive nature of this information. General Warranties. Supplier represents and warrants that Supplier has no agreement with or obligations to others which would prevent Supplier from performing the Services hereunder or that would require Supplier to obtain the prior consent of any third party in order to perform the Services.

Supplier further represents and warrants that the Services and any deliverables: a will be free from errors, bugs and mistakes, and will meet and comply with the guidelines and specifications supplied by Customer Company from time to time; b do not and will not infringe upon, violate, or misappropriate any patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, contract or any other publicity right, privacy right or proprietary right of any third party; c will not incorporate or be derived from the intellectual property of any third party, without authorized prior written consent; and d will be provided to Lionbridge free of all liens, security interests or other encumbrances of any kind.

Services Warranty. Supplier represents and warrants that it will use all commercially reasonable efforts to correct or repair any deliverables or Services provided by Supplier that do not conform to the specifications or acceptance criteria at no additional charge for the six 6 month period following delivery to Lionbridge of such deliverables or Services.

Supplier represents and warrants that it shall be fully-qualified to perform the Services in accordance with the specifications required by Customer Company, including but not limited to the requirements of ISO, as it may be amended, updated or revised; provided, however, that Lionbridge, in its sole discretion, may revise any such required specifications.

Anti-Bribery Warranties.Due to the impacts coronavirus is having on the community, a number of unions and employer associations are applying to the Fair Work Commission to increase award flexibility. For a list of determinations and to see if your award is affected go to Award flexibility during coronavirus. Ordinary hours are an employee's normal and regular hours of work, which do not attract overtime rates.

The time of the day ordinary hours are worked is called the spread of hours eg. Time worked outside the spread of ordinary hours can attract overtime rates. Find more information about maximum and minimum hours of work and the spread of hours in your award by selecting from the list below. Show information tailored for me. You do not have javascript enabled. Please select your preferred industry from the links below, to view your tailored content for this section.

An employee can work a maximum of 38 hours in a week unless an employer asks them to work reasonable extra hours. See our Maximum weekly hours fact sheet. Check out our Help resolving workplace issues section for practical advice on:. If you might need to read this information again, save it for later so you can access it quickly and easily. If you have a question or concern about your job, entitlements or obligations, please Contact Us.

Common Issues New Raters Face – Appen Arrow/Lionbridge Ads Evaluator

Fair Work Online: www. Ask for the Fair Work Infoline 13 13 The Fair Work Ombudsman is committed to providing advice that you can rely on. The information contained on this website is general in nature. If you are unsure about how it applies to your situation you can call our Infoline on 13 13 94 or speak with a union, industry association or workplace relations professional.

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Hours of work Due to the impacts coronavirus is having on the community, a number of unions and employer associations are applying to the Fair Work Commission to increase award flexibility.LionBridge offers work from home that is extremely flexible and also pays really well! There are not very many home based jobs that allow you to log in and work when you can without restriction to the time of day you work or the intervals you work.

If you have children and need to work around a crazy schedule, then you are probably seeking a job without set hours. LionBridge offers a service to search engines that helps to ensure users have a pleasant and positive experience. Ever wonder what makes your search at Google or Bing bring up the results it does? It is very complicated and actually a hidden algorithm that controls this. However, an algorithm can fail and therefore humans must come in and evaluate the results of searches and other content that is determined by these hidden algorithms.

LionBridge workers help make search engines work better. If you are already confused, then it is possible LionBridge will be above your head. LionBridge offers a variety of job types, many of which list a college degree as a requirement. However, the Internet Assessor position does not. The Rater role involves evaluating results of a web search, for appropriateness to search query input.

Participants will be required to provide their opinion of the result displayed based on a set of guidelines we provide.

Hours of work are flexible. The recommended hours of work are hours per week. Basically you will be given a set of guidelines that you will use to rate the results of actual search engine searches. Think of it as though you will be rating whether the results given on search engines like Google, give the results the searcher would have wanted.

Did it answer their question or provide them the information they were looking for? LionBridge claims you do not need to have a high level of technical knowledge to be successful as an Internet Assessor. You simply need a basic understanding of browsing the internet. It is somewhat intense. Many say it is extremely difficult but some say it was a breeze. You will be given a study guide to read over and understand the guidelines of the job. Then you will be given the first part of the exam which includes 24 questions.

If you pass this part, you will move on to the second part. The question exam is a bit more difficult than the first and time consuming. You may expect to spend 5 hours on the exam alone.

Not counting the many hours you will spend reading and studying the guidelines. The exam is a good indicator of the type of work you will do. Taking the exam is sort of a good way for you to know if it is something you are comfortable doing.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries.

Upload your resume. Sign in. Review this company. Job Title. United States reviews. Ratings by category Clear. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found reviews matching the search. I have the freedom to work around my life schedule. As long as I make the minimum number of required hours each week I can work when I want. The work is not hard and they give many training opportunities to get assist raters when needed. Was this review helpful?

Yes No. Share Tweet. Copy link. For those who enjoy working from home this is a great place to work. As an independent contractor one is able to set their own schedule. The biggest drawback is there are no benefits. I've been with Lionbridge for about 7 months now and it has been a dream to work from home. The pay is decent, the job is relatively simple, and they always offer additional support if you're unsure about a task.

You can work whatever schedule best fits your needs, so that's a plus. However, you have no contact with other people except through email or online platforms. You are completely isolated on a phone in your house, and there aren't really advancement opportunities and zero benefits. You can agree to work scheduled hours for a fixed rate, which is less than the by the minute rate but overall ends up paying more. However, the pay is 40 days behind, so you have to wait a very long time to receive payment for work completed.

After you start receiving checks, it is twice a month.If you are up to the opportunity to work part-time with flexible hours from home or anywhere you like, join Lionbridge now as an Independent Contractor. They are recruiting immediately for the role of an Ads Assessor anywhere in the United States.

Good income part time job - Work from home - - freelance - olx - paypal -पार्ट टाइम जॉब -

Not living in the United States? See this list of global opportunities. The job involves reviewing the content of Internet search results on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You will play an important part in improving the quality of search results to make sure they are relevant to what users are searching for.

Lionbridge is in the look up of candidates with superb communications skills and have the ability to follow and interpret certain guidelines. If you are a frequent Internet user who is reliable and can work on a flexible schedule, then you are what we're looking for.

lionbridge minimum hours

Apply for This Work-from-Home Job. Hours for this role are a minimum of 10, maximum of 20 hours per week depending on availability.

Click here to apply for Internet Ads Assessor.

Don't forget to Follow our Facebook page for the Latest work from home updates. Good luck! You might also add to the job description that you must have a smartphone, either Android or IOS, as well as computer to do this job. I do appreciate all the info you put out here for us.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Share Tweet Pin shares. What does the Ads Assessor job involves? Who is the Ideal Candidate? Subscribe for FREE job alerts! Follow Us. Facebook Twitter Youtube Pinterest Instagram.

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