Naruto and ino married life fanfiction

naruto and ino amv love life

It was early in the morning in Konoha. Walking through the gates of the village, a pink haired kunoichi could think of only one thing. Finding her blonde haired teammate and telling him how she felt. Ever since she left, she had regretted not realizing what she felt.

naruto and ino married life fanfiction

Now that she was back, she could tell him how she felt. That she loved him.

naruto and ino married life fanfiction

She could still remember the look in his eyes as he had confessed to her his feelings and how she had rejected him. He had tried to stop her from leaving, but she was to rapped up in their other teammate's death. You can't leave!

Desperation was able to be seen on his face. You promised you would bring him back. But you killed him. Why should I stay near you when you let me feel nothing but regret? You took the man I loved away. So tell me, why should I stay in a village that holds so many bad memories? The blonde boy looked at her.

I need you like water, like breath, like the rain. I need you like mercy from Heaven's gates. There's a freedom in your arms, that carries me through, I need you…because I love you," he said.

Looking at him, she laughed. Hurt flashed across his face. He hadn't expected her to laugh at his confession. You really are a dobe. Away from her teammate, and the man who would haunt her thoughts and dreams for the next seven years.Hey, I know it has been a long time since I last wrote on this site, but the reason is that I have to keep up with my university studies so I had to stay offline for a while. Since this is my one of my favorite Naruto pairing, I really liked this story, which is, sadly, on hiatus.

And why was she timid, well she has a crush on Naruto Uzumaki, who is too dense to notice that. Everyone got startled and spun around facing random direction, since the voice came from every direction. I am the God who ensures all married couples live happily, I am Gekka-O. This brought everyone's attention. Since he had proven that he was a God by bringing everyone here, he also had the power to make them stay here forever. So, begrudgingly, they agreed.

Gekka-O smiled as he make them sat down on the seats, which had names of the sitter written on them.

But for some reason, Naruto was seated with Hinata. Naruto bent over to pick up another stack of cards that were left by his new home's door. Hinata, on the other hand, was blushing at the sight of the older form of her crush. Naruto noticed this. He gently smiled at the big 'Good Luck' imprinted on the front of one of the envelopes. The only person that would have written that That shocked everyone, Hinata married Naruto.

Hinata blushed and soon invented a new shade of red. Hinata heard him and smiled faintly, maybe he would notice her after all. And alas Naruto did. Staring at the girl beside him, he smiled also. And with that, she blushed, while everyone else stared wide eyed at Naruto, finally noticing the girl. It's only been a few hours since our wedding, and we all ready have stacks and stacks of mail," Naruto stated, sitting next to Hinata as she unpacked.

Hinata blushed deeply as she gazed up at him. She knew that he might ask about that particular thing that every married couple seem to do, and it took all of her willpower to look him in the face and not faint on the spot. And the two young ninjas were also blushing, their minds working in various ways this could be taken.

Ino looked at the questioning form of Naruto and pouted, sure he wasn't that unattractive now, but hot damn, puberty hit him like a hungry Akimichi finding food on Naruto. But oh well, Hinata did deserve him. Now that we're married? She knew that Naruto would not be a pervert, even though he had made that jutsu, which she remembered, was to purely target the perverts, but still, she was worried.A tall muscled man lay in bed, his eyes closed and a small peaceful smile on his lips.

His blonde hair was long, and went down to his shoulders when it wasn't tied up. The man shifted and sighed. Another day, and the 24 year old man opened his eyes, squinting as light poured in from the gap in the curtains.

He heard the birds chirping outside and guessed it was sometime in the morning. The blonde hair of the women was draped over the man's bare muscled chest and she snuggled into his hold.

She grinned "Ah but we don't know for sure do we? The blonde women moaned in defeat and slumped back onto the bed "Shut up you" She muttered to her grinning husband, she groaned and sat up, pulling on her morning robe and sitting down at her vanity mirror is that what their called? The man however pulled on a tight black shirt and black baggy pants, the shirt had the emblim for 'sixth' on the back of it in white. The man yawned before heading downstairs towards the kitchen.

On his way he came across two young children. A girl, and a boy.

Both had blonde hair, the boys eyes were a bright blue, whereas the girls were a deeper shade of blue. He often compared their eyes, saying his son's was the sky, and his daughter's the sea.

He picked them up and birled them around before putting them down and leading them to the kitchen. Both nodded "Yea, I was fighting some really evil bad man and so totally kicked his butt dad!

Just like you do! The man chortled "That's my boy, but remember, you have a long way to go before you can beat your old man" He ruffled the boys hair.

He tickled the girl, who squeeled and giggled "Daddy stop that! Dads tickling me!! Soon both the children were sitting at the table eating breakfast, as the man rose and spoke "I'll be back soon kids, just a few things to get done, then we'll go out to the park later alright? Naruto let out a laugh "Sure dear, I'm just picking up some Kunai and other stuff I'm running low on" He bent over and gave his wife a kiss.Ino joined her team at the main gates and Shikamaru said "What was that all about troublesome woman.

Ino said "I had a personal request for the Hokage for my family. Mostly a mission request to find some people. Asuma dropped his cigerette and said "If its who I think you are talking about things are going to get exiting. Ino smiled and said "Its just three people I am exited to see agian if he can find them. Choji continued to eat his chips and Shikamaru said "Ino, you are to troublesome but why have you started sound like your purring every now and then.

You have been doing that alot since you and Naruto suddenly got so close. Ino smiled and said "Its because I finally found someone who understands me like we have been together for a lifetime and understand each other on a whole other level. Asuma decided to lighten the mood and said "You know everytime I see Suna it reminds me of a litterbox. How can you stand to be with Ino when she can scream so loud to be heard all the way here. Sakura looked at Naruto as he put his hands on his face. She then said "So Naruto, would you mind telling me why you and Ino have matching tattoos on your ring finger.

A 19 year old Sasuke had already absorbed Orochimaru soul into his own and had lead a suprise attack on Konaha. Him and Naruto had both summoned thier respecitive bosses to fight each other. It was a stailmate with neither getting the upper hand. Ino, had made got close to thier battle and was locked in a fight with two sound ninja.

Sasuke saw her and decided it was time to gain the upper hand agianst Naruto. He suddenly used the Seneijashu Hidden Shadow Snake Hand and send a viper out of his sleaves at Ino who still had her back to them. Naruto saw this and intercepted the snake right before it bit him. Sakura appeared beside Sasuke and punched him in the chest with her super strength and broke 6 of his ribs and he went flying. Kabuto appeared and caught him before ordering the retreat as they both dissapeared.

Ino saw Naruto as he fell beside her with the snake still attached to his arm. Sakura ran over and started to treat him and removed the poison from him.

Ino after he was healed huged him and said "Thanks for saving me. Naruto smiled and said "I saved her from a snake and got bit by it while outside the walls of our village. She kissed me for saving her life and we got closer after that. Sasuke said "What a waste of time. If she could not save herself from a snake she deserved it. She should not leave the village if she could not take care of herself.Excuse me! Onlookers stared in wide-eyed wonder before they could register what or who exactly it was that was disturbing them, but once they realized exactly who it was, most of them merely grinned and shook their heads before continuing their way.

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze sped through the winding roads like a man possessed. It wasn't more than five minutes ago that he had received news that his wife of five years had gone into labor. He promptly vanished before the startled eyes of his sparring partner, Rock Lee, who thought he had used a teleportation jutsu.

The answer was much simpler than that, as the blonde shinobi forced as much chakra to his feet and legs as possible, disappearing in a burst of speed and a cloud of dust.

In that five minutes time, he had managed to cross most of the Village Hidden in the Leaves, and was now quickly closing in on the center of town.

Despite his rush, he still remembered his manners, and apologized as he blazed a trail across the town. Quickly assessing that situation like the experienced ninja he was, Naruto came to the conclusion he was screwed, until he spied a nearby park bench.

A foxy grin split his face as he veered toward the bench and, despite the fact that there were a few people sitting on it, planted his foot on the back, launching himself toward the nearest rooftop. The young couple that sat there screamed in protest as he flew away.

Turning to her teammate, she watched as Choji Akimichi scrambled to recover the bag of chips he had dropped when Naruto blew through. It isn't like Naruto to ruin food like that! Ino was one of the biggest gossips in Konoha, and any little bit of information she could get made her extremely happy. The platinum blonde watched as her friend fell to his butt, then to his back, sprawling out in the middle of the roadway.

Glancing upward toward the offending sound, he watched as Ino jumped up and down like a schoolgirl while hugging Choji around the neck, quickly causing the large man to turn blue from lack of oxygen. Getting no answer, he sprinted over to the nurse's desk "Excuse me, Mariko?

Can you tell me what room Sakura Namikaze is in? Sure," the nurse answered quickly, pulling a clipboard off the wall. Sakura was still one of the top medics at in Konoha, and just about everyone in the hospital knew her, as well as her famous husband.

It was general knowledge in town the Hokage had made him her defacto heir. He vaulted up the stairs and disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye, leaving the nurse laughing at his actions, no matter how disruptive they were. All new fathers were the same, after all. Within the space of a heartbeat, Naruto had cleared all four flights of stairs and had quietly entered the maternity ward.

He had learned his lesson long ago about being loud and rowdy on that particular floor. He still remembered the beat down Tsunade, Shizune, and his wife had given him when he burst in one day and awakened every single baby that was in the nursery.Ino was sitting in their room.

naruto and ino married life fanfiction

She and naruto had been together since naruto was 16 and a half, and ino was Naruto had thought when he was younger that he cad a crush on sakura, but when he got back from the valley of the end that he loved her like a sister. Around that time, naruto realized he had feelings for Ino. Real feelings.

His heart fluttered when he was around her, and his heart started to pound every time she talked to him. When naruto was in the hospital recovering from the incident with sasuke at the battle of the end, ino had gone to see how bad it was. She had never known naruto to get that badly beat up, so she was quite shocked when she saw naruto in the condition he was in.

He explained the whole story to her, and after that, she slowly started to harbor feelings for him.

She couldn't really tell though, until he had left to train with jiraiya. When he was gone, ino started to miss him, a lot. So when he got back three years later, she was thrilled. She went to go visit him, only to find that he had changed a lot. He was now 3 inches taller than her, his hair had grown a couple of inches, his muscles were way more defined, his facial features much more masculine than it used to be, and he was a lot more serious than he used to be.

Who was this sexy man she saw in front of her? Was it really him? She walked up to him and said, "Naruto is that really you? Um…" He turned to look at jiraiya and said, "Ero-Sennin, give me and ino a minute alone, would ya? Naruto shushined to the head of the fourth hokage and turned to face ino. Ino said yes, and from there everything just… fell into place.Sasuke was pardoned for all his crimes and decided to go on a journey to atone for his sins.

Things between Sasuke and Sakura have been sunk since his departure of the village, but now that Sasuke has returned to the good side, their relationship have now finally begun to settle and then grow. Naruto on the other hand, still had a crush on Sakura despite he already made up mind on still loving Sasuke. However unbeknownst to him that there was someone else out there who had an interest in him And she is not who you think it is in this story!

It was currently Noon at the Yamanaka Flowershop, the beautiful blonde kunoichi that was now finding stability after the war with working at her family's business place and keeping it going. The years have been very kind to here in regard to her physical beauty, where her hair instead of it's usual ponytail was let down and even grew longer up to her knees, even her bangs on the right side grew longer, she even started putting on lipstick.

She wore a variation of her old clothing, what is different is that she now wears a long skirt, high heel sandals and a purple top that shows off a generous amount of her smooth and insignificantly curved belly that makes it all the more eye bugling.

Her body was even more curvaceous than her previous years and what became noticeable was that her breasts became slightly larger than two years ago. Her mom was now working overtime with the shop as well due to her husband and Ino's father Inouchi died in the war.

She sometimes sends Ino out to deliver flowers to costumers and even for friends as well. Speaking of which Ino's mother called out to her and Ino replied "Yes Mama?

Outside, the village was rebuild since it was damaged during the war, and it seemed that people were getting their lived back together. However, not everyone was feeling better just yet, when Ino was on her way back to the shop she happen to come across Naruto sitting on a bench right by a river and he looked sad. Even though he shouldn't with a mighty and manly body like his. Ino came up to Naruto from behind and patted him on the back and said "Hey Naruto! In agreement, so Ino sat next to him but rather close.

Ino then asked "So what's up? Ino then said "I see, well have you ever considered that you are to good for her? Deep inside her heart though is that she secretly had a crush on Naruto but was too young to understand those deep feelings of hers until she was old enough to understand them. She decided to take advantage of the moment and said "Say Natuto, what do you think of going out with me? In fact I will find the best places to go to!

Ino was finally going to go on a date with Naruto.

At the Yamanaka residence, Ino's mother was getting her daughter's purse as she was about to leave to go to Naruto's house. Ino was asking as she was standing outside the door and was handed the purse "Do you think this maybe too much, will he understand my feelings otherwise?

He would be more of a fool otherwise to not understand your feelings or see that you got the goods.

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