Sourcetree external diff tool

I use Git version control system frequently, and tend to learn some new tricks and practices of using it. I still prefer working most time in tools called git gui and gitk which lie between powerful command-line tools and eye-candy GUIs like TortoiseGit and SourceTree. These are installed with official distribution of Git. Gitk is the utility to view commit history of a Git repository. But comparing files in this tool on the bottom of the picture above is a pain, mainly because it only shows changes as small extracts, hiding the context of the patch.

Gitk has a feature allowing to view the differences between two files in repository in an external application. But this functionality is not properly set up in msysGit aka Git for Windows out-of-the-box as of 1. WinMerge is the utility to compare two text files side-by-side with convenient coloring of differences and navigation through them as of 2. Install or make sure you have installed msysGit and WinMerge.

Use this when you don't want to change left side items in the compare.

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Use this when you don't want to change right side items in the compare. Replace the path at the last line of script to where you installed WinMerge if necessary. Launch Gitk. Go to Edit menu, choose Preferences. In the dialog window find the External diff tool option.

Helix P4Merge and Diff Tool

Click the button Choose… nearby. In pop-up dialog window choose the file from step 2 and click Open. Click OK. Now you should be able to invoke WinMerge from within Gitk. Click on some commit in Gitk.

In the bottom right corner choose Patch viewing mode click radio-buttonright-click on some of the files there, then choose External diff. After that you should see WinMerge window with two revisions of the selected file open side-by-side.

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Please see our Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy to learn more before installing this update. For Snow Leopard users: 1.

Bugfixes: Fix inability to commit a git merge when there are no remaining file changes Fix revision field on Mercurial pull sheet needing to be defocussed before bindings were updated Fix 'Current Branch' filter in Mercurial log view not displaying enough when current branch is very old Fix display of user info in repo settings if user manually updated.

sourcetree external diff tool

Lion now comes with git installed by default so we need this to pick up user-installed versions of Git. More information Bugfixes: Fix Git remote branches looking temporarily 'behind' when pulling a brand new change without explicitly fetching.

Fix 'Show Ignored' sometimes not displaying all ignored files in git Display correct icon for Git repositories on Bitbucket in Hosted Projects view. Add drop-down box to Bitbucket create project window so you can create Git or Mercurial projects Use new preferred URL format for Git repositories on Bitbucket UI standards: fix a couple of instances of 'Ok' that should be 'OK' Tweaked app icon - now slightly clearer and hand-tuned for all sizes.

SourceTree 1. Allow 'Resolve Using Theirs' when resolving a rebase conflict. Make merge conflicts summary message appear during rebase conflict When continuing a conflicted rebase, if a further conflict occurs then behave the same as the first rebase conflict custom notification instead of command output When continuing a conflicted rebase on git and you have resolved it so that no changes are left to commit, use 'rebase --skip' since 'rebase --continue' will fail Note: if you experience a crash during update under Mac OS X Lion non Mac App Storeplease try again or if that repeatedly fails, download the latest manually from the web site.

This was a bug with Sparkle on Lion which has now been fixed in 1.My new employer is moving to Git some good, some bad in that, in my opinion, but that is another topic. I use the Atlassian SourceTree client at present and sometimes the shell.

As others have mentioned, Git itself SourceTree similarly does not distinguish which diff tool to call according to the file extension. I got about as far as you as well, but couldn't really get things to work.

Below are some relevant posts which you may have seen already. I can tell you what I've been doing, which is a bit tedious but has worked ok.

I could see it becoming more of a problem if there were lots of changes made, but we have been trying to commit and sync up frequently so that things aren't too out of whack. Sometimes it's enough for me to just visually look at the before and after selecting them from within Source Tree and tweak what I need to in my copy, then choose mine to resolve the conflict.

One drawback here is dependencies of the remote copy of the VI will be missing, Another thing I have done is cloned the repo twice on disk. I think this is essentially what the first like I posted does for you, but I'm not positive. I checkout the base branch in one clone, and my feature branch in the other. I then do a diff on the conflicting files, resolve diffs on disk in my feature branch copy, then select my copy in Source Tree to resolve the conflict.

I should also note something that has caused some headache a couple times is that if you rebase, the first thing it does is checkout the base branch. So, when resolving conflicts, "theirs" is actually your feature branch copy, because the branch you have checked out has changed somewhat unbeknownst to you as part of the rebase.

Anyways, I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but maybe these things provide a bit of a work around. At first I was a bit wary of DVCS, honestly, but now that I have played around with git and am becoming more comfortable with it, I must admit I really quite like it. I know we've touched on this before in another thread, but now that I am more familiar I have more ability to contribute.

I am sure separating source from compiled alleviates some of these issues. Also, we try to delegate "actors" to different developers, and avoid static dependencies from within actors i. This ensures the processes don't touch each other. The problem arise more when two actors contain the same class within, that both developers may need to modify. Even so, I'd say on average I run into conflicts once a week, with no more than 4 or 5 VIs in that conflict.

We do these merges into develop even when a feature isn't complete. By merging feature branches into develop more frequently, and updating local feature branches via rebasing on, or merging in these commits from develop, it helps limit the number of changes per commit. Therefore, it limits the number of potential conflicts.Perforce teams are operating as usual. For Developers and Designers Alike. Visualize the differences between file versions with P4Merge.

Resolve conflicts that result from parallel or concurrent development via color coding and:. Need to know what changed during a certain time frame? A valuable tool for diagnosing Continuous Integration bugs, Folder Diff also measures how much code must be resolved in pending merge scenarios. You can even overlay two images to easily isolate pixel-level changes.

Resolve conflicts that result from parallel or concurrent development via color coding and: Highlight and edit text file differences. Choose to include or ignore line endings or white spaces. Use command-line parameters and launch from non-Perforce applications. Display line numbers when comparing and merging files. Reveal History Need to know what changed during a certain time frame?

Exclude files that are modified, unique, or unchanged. Filter files by name or extension. Extend using the Qt API.

Overlay images or display side-by-side. Highlight differences on overlaid images. See User Guide Learn everything you need to know. User Guide. Get In Touch Have questions? We're here to help!Documentation Help Center.

To set up your source control tool to use MATLAB as the application for diff and merge, you must first determine the full paths of the mlDiff and mlMerge executable files, then follow the recommended steps for the source control tool you are using.

This command also displays the file paths you will copy and paste into your source control tool setup:. In a Terminal, a Command Prompt or a Shell, type: git config --global --edit.

Copy the following lines into the. In the. If you do not provide revisions ID, git difftool compares the working copy to the repository copy. If you do not specify which model you want to compare, command-line Git will go through all modified files and ask you if you want to compare them one by one. If you do not specify which model you want to merge, command-line Git will go through all files and ask you if you want to merge them one by one.

With TortoiseSVN, you can customize your diff and merge tools based on the file extension. In the Settings sidebar, select Diff Viewer. Click Advanced to specify the diff application based on file extensions. Click Add and fill the fields with the extension and the mlDiff executable path:. Click OK and repeat the same steps to add another file extension.

sourcetree external diff tool

Click Advanced to specify the merge application based on file extensions. Click Add and fill the fields with the extension and mlMerge executable path:.

sourcetree external diff tool

In the Preferences sidebar, select Diff. Under Specify diff application by extension overrides defaultclick Add. In the Add File Type dialog box, enter the following information: Extension:. In the Preferences sidebar, select Merge. Under Specify merge application by extension overrides defaultclick Add. Click Save and repeat the steps for other file extensions.

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Common answer - Merge tool is not configured properly somewhere deep in the git configs. Is there clear explanation where the Source tree gets the merge tool commandwhat filewhat tag etc?

System Windows 8. You shouldn't have needed to modify the git config file. The SourceTree Options dialog includes a section for configuring your diff tool, and WinMerge is one of the preset options. You must be a registered user to add a comment.

Git Tutorial: Diff and Merge Tools

If you've already registered, sign in. Otherwise, register and sign in. I just had this same problem after an update. External diff melted. I looked in my users dir.

There were 3 of them and 2 of them were only partial. The setup options in source tree did not work to fix the issue. Thanks Seth! I looked everywhere but the local git config. SourceTree configures. Solved with:. I just noticed that DiffMerge in Mac creates a wrong command. Having the exact same issue since the last update.

I had Meld all configured for both diff and merge purposes, but it stopped working suddenly. The tool just doesnt start, even though nothing change in the configuration. I even tried modifying the gitconfig. Now even Visual Studio opens up meld for diffing, but SourceTree just doesnt do anything.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am using SourceTree as a Git client in my windows 7. I faced with a conflict and in order to resolve I click on Launch external merge tool as suggested. A window pops up very shortly and nothing happens then after! I expect to see the diff merge tool but it never shows up in my windows, anyone know what could be the reason?

In Mac, when you install Xcode you get a diff tool named FileMergesimple but sufficient in most of the cases. You can try WinMerge for Windows, I've used it in the past and it's pretty nice, and open source. You can also try the P4 Merge tool from Perforce which is offered for free. Note that you must change both values for it to work. Otherwise it failed for me. Learn more.

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Diff tool in SourceTree Ask Question. Asked 4 years, 10 months ago. Active 2 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 54k times. I just tried it on my Mac OS and it shows external merge tool as expected. Ali Ali 7, 17 17 gold badges 58 58 silver badges bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Do you have a diff tool installed on your system? Ricardo Amores Ricardo Amores 4, 26 26 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges. Windows does not come with a diff tool preinstalled but Mac does.

sourcetree external diff tool

I didn't know Mac came with a diff tool preinstalled. May I know which it is and where can I find it? My fault, it does not come with OS X but with Xcode. You need to install Xcode, and the tool is named FileMerge. Don't know where is located, use Spotlight to search for it. It is pretty basic, but I find it good enough for most cases. Thanks will try that. I was using DiffMerge but looks like it's not working well with El Capitan update.

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